How are the lake water levels managed?

The water levels for our lakes is managed by Lake Word Drainage District (LWDD). The structures to manage the water levels are located on our property.

The excess water from the lakes and streets flow from Boca Greens and Boca Isles North into our lake in the North West corner of the property, and then from our lake into the L-43 canal system which is managed by LWDD. Each of the lakes are connected via an underground pipe.

There are two structures that manage the lake water levels. The first is a 3 foot pipe located in the Northwest corner of our property and is called the “Morning Glory”. This structure is always open.

When there are excessive rains in the area, The “Morning Glory” is not large enough to handle the outflow of the water. There is a second flood control device, called the Weir. The opening of the weir is managed by LWDD. If the lake levels are excessively high, LWDD will give us permission to open the weir, however, permission must be given by Lake Worth Water District. This is primarily because if the water in the L-43 canal is higher than the water in our lakes, the water would flow from the canal into our lakes causing the lake water levels to be higher.

LWDD moves water from the L-43 canal into the everglades and grants permission to open the weir when appropriate.

For more information on LWDD please check out their website at:

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