Community Access

Community Access

Boca Isles South has a manned guardhouse and gate arms to provide secure access to the community.

There are two vehicle entrance lanes into Boca Isles South. One lane is for guest/vendor access, and the other is a convenience for residents who are in possession of a transponder.

Guest Access Lane

For security purposes, to enter via the guest lane, either:
• The guest/vendor must be authorized by a resident by calling the Guard House automated system
• The guest/vendor must be registered by the resident as a “Permanent Guest” by contacting the Property Manager with the permanent guest information
• Or you must have proof via a driver’s license with your Boca Isles South address that you are a resident of the community.

In all three cases a valid driver’s license must be presented to the guard for access.

Resident Access Lane

For a resident to utilize the resident lane the vehicle must have an active “transponder”.

To obtain a transponder, schedule an appointment with the property manager. You must have proof via your vehicle registration that the vehicle is registered to your Boca Isles South home address. With proper documentation, a transponder will be affixed to your vehicle.

Transponders are available for $10 per transponder via cash or check, no credit cards are accepted.

If you sell a vehicle with a transponder, it is your obligation to notify the office as soon as possible so the transponder can be de-activated.

Permanent Guests

If you have a vendor and/or guest that is frequent visitor to the community, you can contact the Property Manager with their information, and they can be added as a Permanent Guest, meaning you don’t have to call each time they visit to grant access.  If you have a guest/vendor registered as a Permanent Guest, and this is no longer appropriate, you must contact the Property Manager to have them removed from your Permanent Guest list

Delinquent in HOA Dues

If a resident is delinquent in Home Owner Association dues for more than 90 days, Boca Isles South has the right to de-activate the resident transponder, and the resident will be required to use the guest lane until they are current with their association dues.

If there are extenuating circumstances that prohibit a resident from registering their vehicle to their Boca Isles South home and obtaining a transponder, exceptions to the above procedures can be made at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Due to the security nature associated with allowing access to the community, exceptions to this rule by the Board of Directors will be granted on a rare basis.