I received a violation letter – what do I do?

Your violation letter details the reason for the violation and outlines how to proceed. If you are still unclear on anything regarding your violation please contact the violations coordinator at violations@bisboca.org or call the property manager’s office at 561-477-7334.

If you believe your violation is unjust or in error, you can appeal your violation to the Fining Committee. The Fining Committee meets monthly.

How do I contact Hotwire?

 You can contact Hotwire for tv, internet or phone services at 800-355-5668 .

When Am I Required to Submit an Application to the Architectural Control Committee?

Anything you plan to do to your home that alters the exterior appearance.

Some examples of such alterations are:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Painting your house/garage door/trim/front door
  • Adding/replacing pavers in driveway or pool deck
  • Installing a satellite dish for cable
  • Major landscaping changes (adding/removing trees, hedges, etc)

The applications for the ACC can be found in the forms tab

How do I pay my assessments?

Your assessments are due monthly, on the 1st.  A late fee is assessed after the 15th. 
Please mail or drop off your check to 19951 Ocean Key Drive, Boca Raton, FL  33498

What are my Paint Color Choices for my home

You must get an ACC approval prior to painting your home.  You can stop by the office to look at available color schemes, or click on the following link to see your choices:



There is no parking permitted on the street after 2AM, but my driveway is being sealed

If there is a valid reason that you must temporarily park on the street after 2AM, please contact the office with the reason for your request, and your license plate number.

How are the lake water levels managed?

The water levels for our lakes is managed by Lake Word Drainage District (LWDD). The structures to manage the water levels are located on our property.

The excess water from the lakes and streets flow from Boca Greens and Boca Isles North into our lake in the North West corner of the property, and then from our lake into the L-43 canal system which is managed by LWDD. Each of the lakes are connected via an underground pipe.

There are two structures that manage the lake water levels. The first is a 3 foot pipe located in the Northwest corner of our property and is called the “Morning Glory”. This structure is always open.

When there are excessive rains in the area, The “Morning Glory” is not large enough to handle the outflow of the water. There is a second flood control device, called the Weir. The opening of the weir is managed by LWDD. If the lake levels are excessively high, LWDD will give us permission to open the weir, however, permission must be given by Lake Worth Water District. This is primarily because if the water in the L-43 canal is higher than the water in our lakes, the water would flow from the canal into our lakes causing the lake water levels to be higher.

LWDD moves water from the L-43 canal into the everglades and grants permission to open the weir when appropriate.

For more information on LWDD please check out their website at: www.lwdd.net/

Are there any restrictions on dogs in BIS?

The only restrictions are a limit of (2) dogs per residence, and no pit bulls are permitted.

How do I authorize a guest?

To authorize a guest you need to call 561-477-1949 with your PIN. To receive your PIN please contact the management office at 561-477-7334.

If you have a guest/vendor that is a frequent visitor you can add them as a permanent guest, which means they can come through the gate anytime without you having to call the above number by showing their driver’s license.

To authorize someone for your permanent list, contact the management office with the guest information.

What Days are Trash Pick Up?

Trash pickup is done by FCC and governed by Solid Waste Authority (SWA).

Monday and Thursday are trash pickup days.

Monday is yard debris pickup.

Thursday is re-cycle pickup and bulk pick-up.

You can place your trash, yard debris and re-cycle items 4PM the day prior to the scheduled pickup.

For holiday schedules, please see their website at  https://swa.org/224/Holiday-Collection-Schedule

You can contact SWA at 561-697-2700.