Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Checklist

The ACC meets every third Tuesday of the month. Properly filled out application with necessary details of your project attached will prevent you from receiving additional questions from the ACC and prevent any unnecessary delays.

All Projects

  • Either a filled out Architectural Control Request form. Click Here for ACC Application Form….or….If for House Paint and Paver Stain projects Click Here For Paint Paver/Stain Application
    * Please note that an ACC approval is required prior to painting your home.  To see the list of Boca Isles South colors click on the following link: Click Here for approved Boca Isles South paint colors
    * Each application is considered individually for approval.
  • $10.00 check or money order written out to “BIS POA”.
  • Description of the project – provide as many details as possible.
  • Sample / images of alteration proposed.
  • Estimated start date and end date.
  • Vendors Certificate of Liability (COL) for not do-it-yourself projects:
    1. COL should be current and with the expiration date no later than anticipated project completion date. For long duration projects, if the COL expires during the project, the ACC may request renewed COL.
    2. Certificate holder (bottom left corner of the COL) should be:

Boca Isles South Property Owners Association
19951 Ocean Key Drive
Boca Raton, FL 33498

  • If the project requires access across any portion of adjacent residential or Association property, or you are placing landscaping on or near the neighboring property line, Property Access Permission Alteration Form should be attached to the application.Click Here for Property Access Alternation Permission
  • Contact information (e-mail and phone) to reach you with additional questions regarding your project.
  • See additional requirements for different type of alteration projects below. You may also refer to Section II. Architectural Control Rules, Regulations and Standards of the Boca Isles South Rules and Regulations Click Here for Rules Regulations and Standards.

Exterior Paint

  • The color can be selected only from pre-approved list of colors. The color choices can be viewed at online
  • Specify approved scheme number. Body color and trim color can be from different schemes but the combination of colors from different schemes is subject to approval by the ACC.
  • Only one body color is allowed. Only one trim color is allowed.</li/>
  • Front door, garage door, gutters and hurricane shutters can be painted as body, trim color or their own color not necessary from the pre-approved scheme. Not pre-approved colors are subject to approval by the ACC.

Roof Replacement

  • Flat tiles will not be approved by the ACC.
  • Sample of a tile should be brought to the club house before the meeting or an image of the tile should be provided.

Entrance / Garage Doors Replacement

  • Glass garage doors will not be approved by the ACC.
  • Include an image of a new door with your application.

Shutters / Hurricane Windows

  • For shutters, provide a picture showing a color.
  • Hurricane window frames must be while. Additional colors are subject to approval by the ACC.


  • No front yard fencing will be allowed by the ACC.
  • No fencing allowed around any Lake Easement or Common Area.
  • Fences must be white, black or bronze aluminum and must be no higher than five feet (5’). Additional colors are subject to approval by the ACC.
  • PVC fences will not be approved.

Driveway / Walkways / Pool Pavers / Backyard Pavers

  • Driveways / walkways may be sealed with clear color coat. A request to stain the driveway / walkway with a colored stain must be approved by the ACC.
  • For repaving projects, a paver sample should be brought to the club house before the meeting or an image of the paver should be provided.
  • Any alterations to or repairs of a driveway should be done with the pavers of matching design and color. Adding sidewalks adjacent to the existing driveway / walkway should be done with the pavers of matching design and color.


  • No planting allowed in any Lake Easement or Common Area, unless approved by the ACC and/or Appropriate Agency.
  • Dead or dying Royal Palm trees must be replaced. One Royal Palm tree should be maintained at each property.
  • The removal of trees must be approved by the ACC. When replacing a tree the trunk of the tree must have eight (8) feet of visible wood on the tree trunk unless otherwise approved by the ACC.
  • No trees are to be planted between the sidewalk and the street.
  • Planting of Ficus trees is prohibited except in the case of hedges, which requires ACC approval.
  • Artificial plants including artificial grass is subject to approval by the ACC.
  • Where adjacent to community sidewalks, consider landscaping that will remain clear of sidewalks.
  • Hardscaping like retaining walls or borders should not block any part of the common area sidewalks.
  • Provide drawings and schemes of proposed landscaping including the names and placement of the plants.

Swimming Pool Repair / Installation

  • No above-ground pools are permitted.

Screen Enclosure

  • Screen enclosures must be of white, black or bronze aluminum only. Additional colors are subject to approval by the ACC committee. No flat roofs are permitted.