Boca Isles South Residents,

Important Notice

FCC has advised garbage/trash/recycle pick-up days for Boca Isles South and adjacent communities are changing:

Effective Tuesday, October, 1, 2013

Collection Days will be:

Monday – Garbage, Yard Waste

Thursday – Garbage, Bulk & Recycling

Garbage Cans and Bulk Items may be placed at the curb after 4pm on Sunday and Wednesday

Yard Waste may be placed at the curb after 4pm on Sunday

Recycle Bins may be placed at the curb after 4pm on Wednesday

Please Note: Landscapers will no longer be permitted to place landscape waste at the curb. They must place it on the side of the residence or remove it from the property.

To comply with the changes made to our collection schedule the following change has been made to our Rules & Regulations, effective September 27, 2013:


d. Landscaping waste shall not be placed on the sidewalk or in the street at any time. Landscape contractors must remove landscape waste when it is created or move it to the side of the home for later removal. Residents may place their landscape waste in the swale between the sidewalk and the street no earlier than 4 pm on the evening prior to the day landscape waste is normally scheduled to be removed.