Boca Isles South Property Owners Association, Inc.



February 11, 2013


Call Meeting to Order

Review and Approval of December Minutes

Old Business:

  • Hotwire
  • Lake Repair – Community Collections
  • Community Improvement Updates
  • Waterfalls, Tennis Courts, White Fly Treatment
  • Waterfall Landscaping
  • Decal Activation and Progress Report

New Business

  •  Proposals for Review
  • Feral Cats
  • Street Cleanup after Trash Day
  • Resident Gate “Piggybacking”
  • Progressive Increases to Violation Fines
  • Rules and Regulations Amendments
  • Monthly get-togethers

Manager’s Update

  •  Financial Update
  • Foreclosures/Collections/Late Payments
  • Suspension of Rights – Homeowners 90 + Days Delinquent
  • Violations Update
  • Other – Titan Reports

Committee Updates (As needed):

  •  Fining Committee
  • Architectural Control Committee


Set Date for Next Meeting

Open Homeowner Discussion

Note: The agenda is subject to change without notice due to unforeseen issues that the Board might need to address.