The following is a link to the updated version of the Rules and Regulations  If you would like a printed copy, please email Terrie with your request.  Some rule changes have been made but in many cases we have reworded the regulation for clarity.

Click here to download the Rules and Regulations

As a homeowner or tenant it is your responsibility to be familiar with these Rules and if a violation of these Rules is observed you will be issued a notice.   Some violations allow up to a 45 day period to cure the issue (e.g., house painting), while others (parking, refuse, traffic violations such a speeding or running a stop sign, etc.) carry an immediate fine for each occurrence.  Upon receipt of a violation notice you have 14 days to submit a written request to meet with the Fining Committee to appeal the violation.  Violations carry a progressive fine structure beginning at $25 for the first, $50 for the second, $75 for the third, and $100 for all subsequent violations for the same type of infraction.  This means a parking violation is one violation, while running a stop sign is another. Please review these Rules carefully and contact Terrie if you have any questions.  Below is a brief summary of our most common violations and a few of the major rule changes:


  • All pets, including cats, must be under the owners direct control (meaning in your arms or on a leash) when outside the residence and all feces cleaned up after.  This includes cleaning up on your own property.
  • No more than two domestic animals are permitted.
  • Trash cans are permitted to be placed at the curb after 6pm on Sunday and Wednesday nights and must be removed from the pickup area the same day as collection is made and placed out of sight (either in the garage or behind a hedge on the side of the house).  Lawn debris may be placed at the curb Sunday after 6PM for pickup on Monday and on the side of your house the remainder of the time.
  • Parking is not permitted on the roadway between 2:00 am and 6:00 am.  Parking is not permitted on the grass.
  • No service vehicles, moving trucks, deliveries, etc. are permitted entry on Sunday, without approval.
  • Skateboarding or rollerblading is not permitted around the clubhouse, basketball or tennis courts.  Skateboarders must give way to vehicles in the roadways.
  • Appropriate gym wear is to be worn, no sandals or flops, shirts are to be worn at all times.  No music without personal headphones.
  • No one under 16 is permitted in the spa.  No alcohol permitted at the pool.  Smoking is not permitted at the pool area.
  • Do not apply spray sunscreen near the pool; it causes the pool deck to become slippery.


  • Children under the age of 14 are not permitted at the clubhouse or pool area without adult supervision.
  • Gym restrictions were amended; residents may bring two guests at a time to the gym.  This means two guests/invitees per residence (Home/Homesite), not per resident.  Outside guests are not permitted before 9:00AM and after 6:00PM.
  • Photo ID must be carried at all times in common areas and presented upon request by association representatives.
  • We have clarified what constitutes a resident and a guest.
  • Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests, to insure compliance advise your guests of all applicable BIS Rules, especially traffic and animal restrictions.
  • Feeding feral cats is a violation of Palm Beach County Code and BIS rules and will result in a violation.
  • With restrictions, permanent basketball hoops are now permitted.
  • We have included a statement of the requirement to follow the same Florida traffic rules that apply outside of the community.
  • Do not park across the driveway unless it is necessary to prevent street parking.