Fining Committee

Fining Committee

Per the Covenants and Declarations of Boca Isles South, Rules and Regulations for Boca Isles South are established by the Board of Directors.

Failure by a resident, or a guest or vendor of a resident, to comply with the rules can result in a violation and fine(s) issued to the resident.

The purpose of the fining committee is to give residents a chance to be heard on why a violation fine should not be imposed.

The Fining Committee meets on a monthly basis to review every violation issued since the last meeting and votes on whether to confirm or reject a violation.

If a resident wishes to appeal a violation they have received, they must attend the Fining Committee meeting to voice their objection to the violation levied.

The role of the Committee is limited to determining whether to confirm or reject the violation fine levied by the board and the decision of the Committee is final and binding on both the resident and the Association.

If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the fining committee, please send an email to

For a copy of our community Rules and Regulations please click here to visit our rules page.