We’re receiving higher than normal volume of requests for vehicle transponders. We would like to ensure everyone knows the requirements for vehicle transponders in order to streamline the process and ease of access to receiving a new one. The following items are required before we can issue a new transponder:

1. A check for $10 – NO CASH OR CREDIT is currently accepted
2. The vehicle registration
a. The address on the registration must match the address of your home within BIS
b. Only residents listed in our system are authorized to receive a transponder and the name of the resident must match the registration
c. Several times in the last week we’ve seen new vehicle purchases where the license plate is transferred from the old vehicle and the dealership has not provided the owner with a new registration claiming it will be mailed. Please do not leave the dealership without a registration, a vehicle transponder will not be issued here without a registration.

We recommend you call the office in advance to ensure we are available to issue your transponder. If you cannot visit during office hours please email manager@bisboca.org and we will coordinate the issuance with security after hours.

Thank you

Jeanette Agranoff
Boca Isles South
Office Manager
19951 Ocean Key Drive
Boca Raton, FL 33498