A meeting of the Owners is being called at 7:30 on June 18th in the Cluhouse, to vote on several amendments to our POA Documents.  Our attorney has recommended that we bring our documents current with recent changes to Florida law and to record some of the items currently in our Rules and Regulations so that they are a permanent part of our records.

The major reasons for the change are as follows:

  • When our documents were written in 1994 bank foreclosures were not the financial burden on the community that they are now.  Over the past 20 years Florida Law has evolved by increasing our protection pertaining to collecting delinquent accounts.  This amendment will bring our documents up to date with current law and secure our position in collecting past due assessments.
  • The builder included a provision for a jogging path in the community that was dropped from the final design, however, it remained in the documents.  We are removing this provision.
  • Our current rules relating to leasing and guest policies is being added to our documents to insure buyers are aware of our rules – no changes were made to the current rule.
  • Future changes to the documents will require approval by a majority of owners.

If you are unable to attend, it is imperative that you sign the proxy delivered to you inside the Beacon and deliver it to the Management Office as soon as possible.

Click Here to Download your proxy.

Click Here to Read the Letter to the community by the board.

Click Here to Read the Amendments.

A quorum of 272 votes is needed for this amendment to pass.

If you have any questions, please call the office at 561-477-7334.