Fision FAQ’s

Hotwire’s Fision TV

“Ericsson’s Mediaroom is the industry-leading entertainment solution enabling TV service providers to deliver TV services to consumers across their service areas—both inside and outside the home. More than thirteen million consumers around the world currently enjoy TV services powered by Ericsson’s Mediaroom and offered by companies to their customers, including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Swisscom, TELUS, and more than 50 other service providers.”

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions about the upgrade:


What is Fision (Mediaroom)?

Fision is Hotwire’s branding of Mediaroom, the same way U-Verse is AT&T’s branding of Mediaroom.

Fision is the world’s most innovative and deployed Internet Protocal TV (IPTV) platform.  It is deployed in over 15 million households and has 20%  market share of the IPTV marketplace.

It is a state of the art software TV Entertainment System offering multiple advantages and significantly more features than our current platform.

Mediaroom a.k.a. Fision, was developed by Microsoft and is now owned, maintained and enhanced by Ericsson, the world’s leader in TV and IP Video platform.

Fision will provide BIS with the latest in IPTV technology for years to come.

What Features Are Provided by Fision?

TV Features
• The ability to record four channels and watch a fifth from any STB/DVR device (WHDVR)
• Allows any of the recorded programs to be played from any STB device
• Replay of TV programming that aired up to 7 hours ago (available on selected channels)
• Interactive search capabilities with ability to search by title, name of actor with an onscreen search keyboard
• Ability to customize the guide to remove unwatched channels or organize channels
• Instant response to remote control input
• Video–on-demand programs
• Ability to search for any TV show or movie
• TV guide includes up to 11 days of future content
• Parental controls
• Pause live TV for up to 90 minutes

Internet Features
• Internet download speed up to 50Mbps

What is Multi-Room?

Multi-room is a feature of the Fision DVR, sometimes referred to as whole-home DVR.  It allows for the following:

  • One DVR serves up to 4 STB’s (Set Top Boxes) which means you can record from any STB, and watch your recordings from any STB
  • You can control the DVR from any STB
  • You can record and playback 4 HD programs simultaneously

What is Replay TV?

Replay TV allows you to watch programs that have already aired up to 7 hours ago on select channels.  This means that if you missed a program from earlier in the day, you can still watch it by accessing the guide.  If a program appears in the Guide, then you can watch it from the beginning.

Do I Need a Set Top Box?

If you only want the analog mini-channel line-up of TV stations, no Set Top Box is needed.

If you have a “Smart” TV that can decode an MPEG4 signal, and you don’t have any additional add-on services or features, then you don’t need a Set Top Box to receive the digital mini-channel line-up.

If you have an older TV and want the digital line-up, or you have any add-on features, such as HD, you must have a Set Top Box.

What if I Have Questions or Problems?

For questions, Hotwire will be providing a Welcome Guide Brochure to every resident, and there are online training videos available at

During the installation period, a “561” customer service line dedicated to BIS will be provided for us to call for any specific issues that may arise.

As always, you can call Hotwire Customer Service.